Personal Information Protection Policy

In compliance with the laws under the Personal Information Protection Policy,
we hereby disclose the relevant matters as follows:

1. Disclosing the intent to use personal information

“Intention to use private information” obtained by methods other than by directly written format.
Customers will be notified of the intent of use of the written private information each time any such information is required. Personal information obtained from other than the fore-mentioned will be treated within the limitations of the intent as follows:

(1) Forward information via emails or post.
(2) Disposal of registration from events, etc.
(3) Handling of service requests

2.Disclosure to Third Party

Private information obtained will not be
disclosed to third party without prior consent from customer
with the following exclusions

(1) In compliance with the law
(2) In emergency situations which requires the protection of individual's life, body, and property.
(3) When operating in conjunction with a cooperating firm, we apply appropriate measures to manage the cooperating entity.

3.disclosure, revision, deletion

(1) Disclosure of personal information requested by customer will be conducted in compliance with prescribed procedure.
(2) Indication of error, as a result of such, will be revised or deleted by customer's request.

4. Safety Management

For safety management purpose, we will take required and appropriate measures in compliance with the laws and standards to protect private information

5. Contact information regarding the handling of private information

For complaints regarding handling of private information by our company,
please contact the following

By telephone: 075-223-0111
By fax: 075-223-0112
〒604-8113 By letter 京都市中京区柳馬場通六角下ル
By email:

For customers who do not wish to be contacted in the future by us:
we apologize for your inconvenience but please contact us using the aforementioned information.