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We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from our foreign guests of Watazen Ryokan of Kyoto. Please select the question which corresponds to the subject below.

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What is the check in are check out times?

Check in is at 4:00 p.m. Check out is at 10:00 a.m.

Do you store baggage before check in or after check out?

Yes. We will hold it for you at any time.

Is there a curfew?

No there is not. We are open 24 hours.

Is there a large public bath?

Yes. There is one for men and one for women on the basement floor.

Are pets allowed at the premises?

We are sorry but we do not accept any pets.

How do you charge for children guests?

Our Ryokan is based on the blanket count system. For example, for guests with two adults and one child(elementary student)taking two meals each with the adults, we charge for three occupancy per room(charge will be for three adults). Guests with children under the age of five (pre-elementary) are treated as double occupancy per room, with futons and amenities provided for two guests only. In this case, we will charge a 1080 yen facility usage charge per child. As in the case of guests ordering additional options like children’s platter, breakfast, and futon, the facility charge is waived.

What method of payment is accepted?

We accept cash or credit card at the time of check out.
Now for credit cards, we accept Visa, Master Card, UC, JCB, American Express, Diners and 銀聯.

Do you accept traveler’s check?

We are sorry but we do not accept any traveler’s check at our Ryokan.

Do you accept any parcel deliveries?

Yes we do.

Do you provide Internet access to us?

The entire building is equipped with wireless network facility. It is available at no charge for guests with their own laptop. We do offer computer rental service for free for guests without a laptop. We do charge for printing with 20 yen per page.

Do you have any voltage converter plug?

Yes. We do offer rental service at no charge. Please return it to the front desk promptly. However, please be advised that there may be differences in the types or shapes of plug provided.

Is there a smoking section?

All public areas are non-smoking. Should you require a smoking room, please let us know in advance during booking. We will provide a smoking room. In addition, we do have a smoking section outside right at the entrance of the Ryokan.


What kind of facilities are included in the room?

Television, western style washlet(bidet) toilet. washroom, closet, air conditioning, refrigerator, emergency torch, and safe.

Are shoes allowed inside the room?

Before entering a Japanese style room please take off your shoes and enter with socks worn or barefooted. Slippers placed in the shoe rack are available for walking inside the Ryokan

Do you have any amenity goods?

Yes. Bath towel, face towel, razor, hairbrush, toothbrush, and Yukata; please check the following site for more information.

Do rooms come with a bath?

Some do and some don’t. Please confirm in advance during reservation.

Are news and programs on T.V.available in English?

We are sorry but you will not able to view in English.

Do you provide Internet access to us?

The entire building is equipped with wireless network facility. It is available at no charge for guests with their own laptop. We do offer computer rental service for free for guests without a laptop. We do charge for printing with 20 yen per page.


Where are the breakfast and dinner facilities? And what are the hours?

Dinner is served in each guest room. Breakfast is served at the breakfast hall(banquet hall on the first floor). Dinner is served starting between 0530 p.m. and 0730 p.m., Breakfast is served starting between 0700 a.m. and 0830 a.m.

Is reservation required for meals?

Yes it is required. Two days in advance for dinner. One day in advance (before 0700 a.m.) for breakfast. Should you cancel dinner or breakfast on the same day, you will incur a cancellation charge.

Do you have vegetarian meals or meals for people with allergic reaction to certain foods?

Yes, don’t worry. We have vegetarian meals. However, please always let us know in advance. If ordered on the same day, there’s a chance that we may not be able accommodate you.

Do you provide foreign currency exchange service?

We are sorry but we do not provide this service at the Ryokan.

Other Information

Is there any place that change foreign currency or any ATM machines nearby?

Foreign currency exchange is offered at the 1st floor of the department store which is located about seven minute walking distance. ATM is located at on the 9th floor. Hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (hours of operation may vary) There are many banks and convenient stores in the area.

Are there any restaurants, pharmacies, bookstores, convenient stores and such nearby?

Yes. Our Ryokan is located at the heart of Kyoto, so there should be anything available.

Is there a Laundromat?

Yes,we have laundromat room.
Laundry detergent;50 yen. Laundry machine;300 yen. Dryer machine; 100 yen/20min

Is there a Laundry service for a charge?

Yes we do. The charge is 380 yen per each item.

Are there any parking faclities? If so, how much do you charge?

2,000 yen for 24 hours is charged for parking. Please come to the front desk of the Ryokan in advance.

Do you have bicycles for rent?

1 day(8:00~19:00): 1,000 yen per bicycle
5 hours (until 19:00): 600 yen per bicycle

Could you provide the transportation options from the airport to the ryokan?

Bus, Skygate shuttle, JR and other railways. Please refer to the access page for details.

I would like to send my baggage in advance to the Ryokan.

Please forward to the address below indicating your name and the date of stay.
Kyoto Watazen Ryokan
Rokkaku-Sagaru, Yanaginobaba, Nakagyo-ku
KYOTO, JAPAN 604-8113
Phone: +81 75-223-0111
Date of stay: Month: Date: Name:


Surrounding attractions.

Nishiki market(2 minute walking distance), Shinkyogoku(5 minute walking distance),
Gion area(15 minute walking distance), Kyoto Gosho(15 minute walking distance).

What kind of optional plans are available?

Bus city tour, Walking city tour, Maiko transformation plan, and tea ceremony experience plan.

Please enjoy your stay at the Watazen Ryokan.


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